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Kay Stafford Fund

While the community lost Kay Stafford more than 26 years ago, she left us with a gift that keeps giving.

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Year after year her gift provides funds to local groups trying to improve the healthcare of her community. She left her legacy, a gift that keeps giving, keeping her memory alive. Once again this year, through the Trenton Memorial Hospital Foundation, the Kay Stafford Community Fund will be looking for applications that enhance and support the services at Trenton Memorial Hospital, or help to keep our community healthy and out of the hospital. To date, more than 50 defibrillators have been placed in the community, provided 4 Access vehicles, funded first aid training courses, supported disadvantaged individuals to participate in fitness programs and more.

With a gift of $1.2 million in 1997, the Kay Stafford Memorial Fund has awarded grants to more than 75 local charitable groups and exceeded the amount originally donated. Applications are available online at tmhfoundation.com. They can be sent electronically to info@tmhfoundation.com.

Charitable giving is an important way to ensure that your intended beneficiaries get the gifts you intended, while also being a very viable option to seek tax breaks and reduce estate taxes. Like Kay Stafford has demonstrated, it’s also a great way to leave your own legacy and your mark on your community with a gift that keeps giving long after you’re gone.

Wendy Warner, Executive Director of TMHF Says,

“You have three options and only two choices where to leave your estate: your heirs, the government and/or a charity. What many don’t know is that without adding a charity, your estate will pay taxes that will reduce the amount your loved ones will actually receive. It’s a simple concept, but very beneficial for all concerned.”

Choosing to leave a gift in your Will for your favorite charity, brings meaning, dignity and purpose to a life well lived. Kay Stafford lived modestly and worked as postal clerk for many years but upon her death she became “an ordinary person providing extraordinary results”.

The Trenton Memorial Hospital (TMH) has a legacy of saving lives by diagnosing and treating people in ill health. As a donor to TMHF, you share this belief that TMH plays a critical role in delivering excellent health care to the residents in your region, both now and in the future. Call the TMH Foundation to find out more. They have “preferred list” of volunteers who are professionals that can give you advice, free of charge. They can be reached at 613-392-2540 ext 5403.

Ways to Give
Together, we can make a huge difference.
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    Not all gifts come with a dollar sign. Become a volunteer for the Foundation and give the gift of your valuable time.

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