Docs By The Bay

Docs By The Bay

Are you a medical student or resident looking for a place to practice after you graduate?

Are you an established family physician looking for a new place to “hang out your shingle”?

If the answer is “YES” to either of these questions, then Quinte West or Brighton may be just the right place for you to put down roots!

Docs By The Bay strives to ensure every resident in the community has a family doctor and that every family doctor recruited – stays.

Docs By the Bay was established in July of 2017 when the Trenton Memorial Hospital Foundation approached the City of Quinte West to partner in a program that would focus on the recruitment and retention of family physicians in our community.

While QHC Trenton Memorial Hospital was not in need of physicians, the community was. Local physicians were retiring and leaving up to 3500 patients without a family doctor. This, combined with the continued growth in our population, meant that there were thousands of residents without access to primary healthcare. Knowing that the new younger physicians carry a roster of approximately 1,000 patients, this meant the need for family physicians in this community would have to be doubled.

In 2019, the Municipality of Brighton joined the program and Docs By The Bay now serves a total population of 56,000. As well, support is provided to 8-Wing Trenton military dependents who are in need of a primary healthcare provider.

Recent Recruits

Some words from some of our newer Physicians.

My husband and I were recruited to the area during residency. We both wanted to work in a smaller community where we could have a broad scope of practice, including hospitalist work. We were welcomed with open arms, and serving a high-needs area has been so rewarding. We are also privileged to be part of a supportive medical community.

Dr. Munik Physician

Growing up in the area, I knew how beautiful it was. Having access to the water was important to me. The proximity to Prince Edward County is also a plus, and in my time away from home it’s become a real destination. Overall, Quinte West has so much to offer physicians looking to set up a practice.

Dr. MoorePhysician

Soon after starting my rural rotation for my programme with the Brighton Family Health Team I realized that this was more than just another rotation I was going to complete. Call it serendipity if you want, but I started to think of Brighton as a future home. Being a physician in a smaller community has both its perks and challenges which I am eager to tackle. I am looking forward to this next chapter with great excitement.

Dr. LambrakosPhysician
Our Hospital

Trenton Memorial Hospital is one of four fully-accredited hospitals that form Quinte Health Care. (QHC) We are a recently renovated, state-of-the-art hospital featuring a 24-hour emergency department that sees approximately 35,000 ED visits per year. We have an Inpatient Unit, staffed by hospitalist physicians, comprised of 20 Complex Care Beds and 6 Acute beds. Our Ambulatory Clinics operate 5 days per week with 4 treatment rooms.

The following clinics are exclusive to Trenton Memorial: Colposcopy, Dental, Pain, Urodynamics, Cystoscopy, Ophthalmology, Breast Assessment Center, Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Center. However, we boast many other clinics such as Urology, Vein, Medical Day, Orthopedics, General Surgery, ENT and Diabetes. We offer technologically advanced diagnostic imaging at TMH consisting of a brand-new CT Scanner, Bone Density, Mammography, X-ray (2) and Ultrasound (3). We are fully computerized with a hybrid electronic medical records system.

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