You have questions, here are some of the answers.

  • Why are we being asked to give toward new and replacement medical equipment? Don’t taxes and the government pay for medical equipment?

    The government does not pay for new medical equipment. It has always been the responsibility of the community to support the purchase of equipment. The TMH Foundation fundraises for new equipment so that doctors, nurses and technologists have the best technology possible to provide the greatest health care possible.

  • Does my donation get spent on executive salaries and administration costs?

    No donation ever received will go towards executive salaries or administration costs. If the donor wishes to designate their donation to a specific department or section they may choose to do so.  If no specifics are designated the donation will be applied to the most urgent needs that are relevant at the time.

    The TMHF Board established a restricted fund many years ago that provides for operating costs so that absolutely no donor dollars are ever used to pay for expenses of the Foundation. Also note that money spent on operational costs for a hospital site are not the same as the money raised by hospital Foundations for capital equipment.

  • Why should I make a donation?

    When you donate to the TMH Foundation you will be supporting health care in your community and making a measurable impact in the lives of others in our region. Your gift will help purchase new medical equipment for our local hospital that in turn will help reduce wait times, enable less invasive treatments, allow for faster recoveries, help to recruit and retain medical professionals and could even save a life!

  • How can I contact the Foundation office?

    If you need to contact the Foundation office please call (613) 392-2540 Ext. 5403

  • Until I get my own family doctor here, why would I bother donating to the hospital?

    Unfortunately, all communities are experiencing a shortage of physicians. However, we know that physicians want to work at hospitals that are maintaining and upgrading their technology and facilities. Therefore, having new state-of-the-art medical equipment at Quinte Health Trenton Memorial Hospital will definitely improve our recruitment results as well as help us to retain physicians. It will make us more competitive to attract new and additional physicians as was the case with the new Green Light Laser and our recruitment of two new Urologists. Having the best tools and newest technology allows professionals to do their very best for patients and to practice their considerable skills in delivering the best possible patient care.

  • Can I direct my donation to a specific program or piece of equipment at the hospital?

    Absolutely. All donors can designate their gifts to be appropriated to where they would like.  However, we encourage our donors not to restrict their gifts so that the Foundation Board has the ability to direct the funds towards the greatest need at the Trenton Memorial Hospital. We understand that you may have had a personal experience or reason to support a particular area within the Trenton Memorial Hospital and you can discuss this with the Foundation office.  We can ensure your gift can be put to work where a need exists.

  • Why is the Foundation not using their reserves to purchase this equipment?

    The reserves in majority have been restricted by the donor whereby the principle must remain intact and only the investment income used for the purposes specified by the donor. For example, the late Kay Stafford gave a gift of $1.2 million and only the interest received from this investment is used for things such as, staff education and community healthcare projects or equipment leaving the original $1.2 million in tact and untouched.

    Reserves directly further the work of charities by safeguarding service delivery.  Holding reserves requires careful balancing.  If set too high, reserves tie up money that could and should be spent on charitable activity. If set too low, the future of the charity may be put at risk. However, this being said, we know the community wants the TMH Foundation to spend their money wisely and not amass funds, which are not being used for the current needs of the community.

  • Will income tax receipts be provided for my donation?

    Yes. The Trenton Memorial Hospital Foundation is a registered charity and issues receipts for all donations of $10.00 or more.  We accept cash, cheques, E-transfer and credit card donations and give receipts for all gifts. For Gifts-In-Kind please contact the Foundation directly.

  • What recognition will I receive for my donation?

    We are committed to ensuring each donor is thanked and recognized accordingly.  All donations of $1,000 or more are recognized on the television screen in the Day Surgery/Green Zone waiting area while all gifts $5,000 and over are recognized on the new Donor Wall in the same area. All gifts are cumulative. Donors achieving new levels of giving are honored at the May Donor Appreciation Event.

  • Are there any ‘naming opportunities’ for my gift?

    At certain levels of giving, donors will have the option of either naming or dedicating various areas of the hospital. Donors interested in these opportunities should contact the Wendy Warner at Foundation.

  • Can I pledge to support to the TMH Foundation over multiple years?

    Yes you can make a pledge of support right now.  This can be either a one-time gift or a pledge extended over several years.  We can also work out flexible pledge payment terms if needed.

  • I thought the government health premium was to pay for some medical equipment.  Where is that money being spent?

    According to the Ontario Ministry of Health website, every dollar of the health premium will be invested back into our healthcare system.  The health premium is designed to fund the reduction of various wait times for key healthcare priorities such as cancer, cardiac, joint replacements and Emergency Rooms.

  • Who do I contact if I want to run an event on behalf of the TMH Foundation, leave a gift in my will or have questions about the hospital or Foundation?

    Call Wendy Warner CFRE, Executive Director of the TMHF at 613-392-2540 ext. 5403 or e-mail at wwarner@tmhfoundation.com

  • Will my donation stay and be used at the Quinte Health Trenton Memorial Hospital?

    Yes. Unless you specify, your money will fund equipment needs, redevelopment or education at TMH and will help ensure this hospital has the very best in equipment and services available when you need it the most. There will be times when the Foundation is asked by Quinte Health to support needs at the other hospitals, and we do, however, our bylaws only support funding for non-duplicated equipment and services that are not offered at the Trenton Memorial Hospital at all

  • Is my personal information traded or sold to another group/agency?

    Our donor information is confidential and not traded or sold to anyone. Donor information is used for Foundation fundraising purposes only. If at anytime you wish to be removed from our list, please call 613-392-2540 ext. 5403.

  • Can I make my gift online?

    Yes, many people find online donations more convenient and we encourage you to give this way. Online donations can be made by clicking on the ‘Donate Now’ button on the front page.

  • How secure are online donations?

    Your privacy is very important to us and it’s something we take very seriously. Experts have established that using your credit card online is as safe as using your card in any other way.

  • Can I make monthly gifts?

    Yes. Monthly donations offer you a quick easy way to make a big impact through smaller donations spread throughout the year. One receipt will be made to you at year end, saving considerable costs to the Foundation.

  • How do I use my chequing account to make monthly gifts?

    To make a monthly gift using your chequing account, simply send us a blank cheque marked VOID. Also let us know how much you would like to donate and whether you’d like your payments to come out of your account on the 1st or the 15th of each month. That’s it! Your gift will be automatically withdrawn from your account each month. The only reason you’ll need to contact us is to change your banking information, change the amount you’d like to donate or cancel your donations.

  • How do I make a donation in memory of a friend or loved one?

    In Memoriam donations can be made online, in person or by mail. When you donate to the Foundation “In Loving Memory”, we will send you a tax receipt and notify their next of kin that you have given a gift. The amount of your contribution always remains confidential. If we receive $1,000 or more the name of the deceased will be included on our Memoriam Wall.

  • Is Quinte Health going to make the Trenton Memorial Hospital a first aid post?

    No, in fact, Quinte Health has a 20-year plan that will see Quinte Health -Trenton Memorial Hospital play an integral role in the health of our region.  To this end, Quinte Health -TMH is implementing a plan that will transform this hospital into an Ambulatory Care Hospital, with a 24-hour Emergency Department, In-patient Beds, Diagnostic Services, Day Surgery, and specialized clinics such as: urodynamics, colposcopy (cervical cancer screening), vein, comprehensive breast assessment and minor “lumps and bumps” treatment rooms.

Life Saving Equipment

Your donations help fund life saving equipment for the entire Quinte region, keeping care close to home.

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Attracting the best possible healthcare professionals to the Bay of Quinte Region means better care.

Improving Patient Care

Every dollar donated stays in our community allowing us to provide exceptional care close to home.

More Accurate Testing

New equipment provides faster results with more accurate information to help with a proper diagnosis.

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