Kay Stafford Fund – 2020 Community Grants Now Open

QUINTE WEST-BRIGHTON ON. February 12, 2020: How do you want to be remembered when you die? Are you writing your eulogy today based on how you want people to think of you? We can all take a lesson from the late Kay Stafford of Trenton. When Kay passed away, a postal clerk in the Trenton office, no one realized at the time that we still be remembering her so fondly 23 years later. However, because she left a significant gift of $1.7 million to the TMH Foundation, her 0gift keeps giving year after year. So, once again, applications are open to qualified charities to apply to the Kay Stafford Memorial Fund by going online to tmhfoundation.com. Applications are due by April 17th.

Other donors have left their legacies too by way of creating an endowment fund; namely, S.O. Graham, Doris and Wes Rees, Audrey and Roli Terrill, George (Edward) Meyers, Joan Wheatly, and Pearl Woodcox and most recently Phil Panelas. Donors can choose what they want their gift to support at TMH, how they want to receive recognition for their gift both in advance – but also for inperpetuity, only the investment income of their gift will be granted each year and lastly, they can take great pride in knowing that they have helped ensure quality healthcare lives on for their community thru their gift.

The Kay Stafford Fund has surpassed all expectations, with disbursing more grants than the original gift to the TMH Foundation in 1997. Greater than 75 charities in Quinte West and Brighton have benefitted from her generosity. Items such as ambulances, transport access vehicles, defibrillators, stretchers, nutritional and first aid programs are just some of the projects that have been funded. “It is the objective of the Trenton Memorial Hospital Foundation that they applicants will be creative in identifying ways their groups can provide a health benefit to our local hospital” says Wendy Warner, ED of TMHF “whether it helps reduce emergency room visits, provide wellness education, or preventative care, we are open to ways local groups can help enhance the services at TMH.”

Charitable giving is an important way to ensure that your intended beneficiaries get the gifts you intended, while also being a very viable option to seek tax breaks and reduce estate taxes. Like Kay Stafford has demonstrated, it’s also a great way to leave your own legacy and your mark on your community with a gift that keeps giving long after you’re gone.

Choosing to leave a gift in your Will for your favorite charity, brings meaning, dignity and purpose to a life well lived.

The Trenton Memorial Hospital (TMH) has a legacy of improving patient care and helping to provide life-saving equipment through diagnosis and care at Trenton Memorial Hospital. As a donor to TMHF, you share this belief that TMH plays a critical role in delivering excellent health care to the residents in your region, both now and in the future. Call the TMH Foundation to find out more. They have “preferred list” of professionals rss that are volunteers willing to offer you advice, free of charge. They can be reached at 613-392-2540 ext 5403.

Click here to Download the Kay Stafford Community Grant Application 2020 PDF

Click here to Download the Kay Stafford Community Grant Application 2020 DOC


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