QUINTE WEST-BRIGHTON ON. February 16, 2022: When we die, so do our gifts to our favourite charities. But the Trenton Memorial Hospital Foundation wants us to know that this doesn’t have to be the case. For instance, take the late Kay Stafford. Upon her death she endowed a gift of $1.2 million to the Trenton Memorial Hospital Foundation (TMHF). Since then, her gift has continued to grant donations to various charities in her community for countless health care projects and those gifts have exceeded the principle gift by more than $500,000. The original gift was invested with TMHF and managed so that each year local not for profit groups received funding for projects that will enhance the quality of life in Quinte West and Brighton. To-date, almost 100 organizations have received funding for items like defibrillators, medical transport vehicles, first aid training, and stretchers.


Kay Stafford lived modestly and worked as postal clerk most of her life. She saved and invested each year, so that upon her death in 1996, she left a gift in her WILL to the TMHF that would put her stamp on the future, and would continue to give for future generations. “It’s never too late to start planning how you want to leave your legacy”, says Wendy Warner, Executive Director of TMHF. “Before her death, not many people knew who Kay Stafford was. Today, her name is synonymous for providing grants to local groups to help improve the health of their community. Her name is on signage throughout Quinte West next to defibrillators, on Quinte Access vehicles, on bursaries to high school student pursuing health care education and TMH Staff taking continuing education courses”.

Effective today, applications to the Kay Stafford Fund will be made available online at tmhfoundation.com. All applications will be due by Friday April 22, 2022. They can be sent electronically to info@tmhfoundation.com. This year, preference will be given to projects that not only benefit or enhance the services at Trenton Memorial Hospital, i.e. reduce emergency visits, provide preventative health and wellness projects, but also help to address the mental health issues affecting our community, such as homelessness, addictions, depression, assault etc. The latter is not mandatory and should not prevent anyone from applying.


Leaving a gift in your WILL to your favourite charity is simple and it should always be included to ensure that your other beneficiaries receive what you intended for them. Even just 1% can help your reduce estate taxes (consulting your financial advisor is always recommended as each situation is different). “Ask me how you can make a difference and leave your legacy like Kay Stafford did” says Wendy, “join a group of caring individuals that share your vision for a strong hospital, like late Ed Meyers, Roli and Audrey Terrill, Wes and Doris Rees, Joan Wheatly, Gordon and Pearl Woodcox and S.O. Graham. “When an individual endows a gift to their favorite charity, it can bring meaning, dignity and purpose to a life well lived.

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