Equipment Wishlist 2022 / 2023


Each year, Quinte Health Care senior staff and physicians sit down with hospital leadership and craft a prioritized list of equipment needed for our hospital. Some of these items are replacements for existing pieces that have reached the end of their lifespan, and others are brand-new to the individual Hospital sites, updating our technology and expanding our service offerings.

It is the role of the Trenton Memorial Hospital Foundation to raise the funds needed to purchase the items deemed most critical to the Trenton Memorial Hospital site. Over $1.8 million is needed this year. Some of the items on this year’s list include:


Thulium Laser
Thulium LASER is fast emerging and state of the art piece of equipment used for Prostatic surgeries.

Flexible Video Cystoscopes

5 needed at $19,308 ea
A flexible video cystoscope is a brief inspection of the urethra and the bladder with a small flexible catheter containing a tiny video camera. It enables the urologist to check for the cause of frequent urinary tract infections and the bladder for polyps, narrow areas called strictures, abnormal growths, and other problems such as bladder stones or bladder cancer. We require flexible non-video and video units.

OR Surgical Table
Operating tables are the foundation for better patient outcomes. They are versatile, easy to use and build for today’s procedures.

Dual Exam Lights
Need 2 at $6827. Each
Exam lights are extremely important when a patient is in surgery. They provide maximum brightness and colour accuracy. They allow for increased illumination and superior shadow control for more targeted examinations.


Digital Mammography Equipment
$616,435 Plus Renovation Costs of $71,323
Digital mammography uses the same procedure as the traditional mammography whereby the breast is compressed to spread the tissue apart for an accurate image taken by low-dose X-rays. The difference is that instead of processing the images on screen-film, digital mammography uses a computer to capture a digital image (mammogram) of the breast tissue. This method is much more accurate, much faster, and makes it easier to share the images between health care practitioners and save them on your electronic health record. The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation encourages women to choose digital mammography whenever possible.

Echo Ultrasound System
The new Philips EPIQ 7 echo cart has advanced image quality and automated measurement capability. This would decrease scanning/technologist time and improve image quality and quality assurance. It would allow us to perform contrast echo and is upgradable to 3D ultrasound if we wanted it. It has improved ergonomics to reduce repetitive stress injuries. The machine is lighter and faster to boot up for portable echocardiograms


POCHI Point of Care Machine
Need 2 at $21,000 ea
A diagnostic devices used to test glucose and cholesterol levels, do electrolyte and enzyme analysis, test for drugs of abuse and for infectious diseases, and for pregnancy testing. This method for testing reduces the overall time for results in the Emergency Department. It enables a more rapid clinical decision making in the process of diagnosis, treatment choice and monitoring, and prognosis.


Wall Mounted Vital Machines
13 needed at $3,919ea
These vital machines are dedicated equipment to reduce infection control risks.


Treatment Chairs
3needed $3,642 ea
MDC is experiencing an increase in treatments and we are filling current chairs. We are required to accommodate urgent referrals especially for blood transfusions and require additional chairs to accommodate and to avoid sending urgent patients to the ED.


Washer Disinfector
This washer is a critical part of cleaning instrumentation to make the items safe to handle and decrease the transmission of disease.


Centrella Smart + Beds
Need 2 at $10,815ea
Some of the beds in the in-patient unit are over 20yrs old. Smart beds are equipped with sensors which can prevent falls by sending an alert if the bed is in an unsafe position. These beds can also alert the nurse when a patient is getting out of bed.



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