Treasurer’s Letter

It has been my privilege to hold the position of TMHF Treasurer since 2021 and an honour to work with a wonderful team of volunteers and staff.

The pandemic continues to bring uncertainty, fear and a strain to our health care system yet we work together to support our health care workers and to ensure the necessary equipment available at Trenton Memorial Hospital.

From the generosity of the community, Trenton Memorial Hospital Foundation continues to support the health care needs of Trenton & Brighton residents. In 2022-23, the Foundation committed to Quinte Health Care $1,846,686 for priority medical equipment.

Sample of Priority Medical Equipment:

  • Digital Mammography $616,435 plus $71,323 in renovations needed
  • Thulium Laser (Urology) $162,844
  • Flexible video cystoscopes (5 in total) $96,541
  • Washer Disinfector $103,928

and MORE

With strong Financial Statements and the commitment of the community, the Trenton Memorial Hospital Foundation will continue to ensure Trenton Memorial Hospital has priority medical equipment available to support health care in our community.

Highlights from Financial Statement as of March 31, 2022:

  • Investments: down significantly versus pervious year due to market volatility
  • Disbursements/Commitment to QHC: $7,108,000
  • Revenue: $2,295,000 (down from 2021)
  • Expenses: $628,000 (down from 2020)

Peter Webb


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