Chair Report

Report from the Chair, Darrell Smith

To say that the last year has been unprecedented, and sorry for using this cliché, pretty sure none of us would have ever have thought that this comment would be overused but certainly there is no question, the year that we have all endured has truly been unprecedented in every sense of the word.

Within the context of the very challenging environment that we have all endured during the past 12+ months, I am amazed again as always by the incredible support of our community for the efforts of our very dedicated and professional medical professionals who work at the Trenton Memorial Hospital.

I would like to send my sincere appreciation on behalf of the Board of Directors of the Trenton Memorial Hospital Foundation to all the front line staff at Trenton Memorial Hospital for their dedication throughout the duration of the Covid-19 Pandemic. As we emerge from the very challenging 3rd Wave, the incredible efforts of all our hospital staff have been exemplary as they dealt with the real reality of the Covid-19 within our broad local community. You are all our Shining Stars. To all front line members of QHC at all four hospitals thank you for your dedication and passion for the well-being of the entire Quinte area community. Well outside of the focus of the hospital, the Covid-19 Pandemic has changed the lives of all of us and to all essential workers who have at risk to yourselves, provided us the basic essentials of daily living, thank you so much for your efforts to allow us to maintain some degree of normalcy in our day to day lives.

I would like to thank our donors, our sponsors, and all our partners who have included the Trenton Memorial Hospital Foundation in their philanthropic plans this year. This year saw an incredible effort by our community to ensure that QHC-TMH staff received all the necessary equipment to perform the lifesaving work on a day to day basis that they provide to all of our community. Through your incredible generosity a number of critical pieces of medical equipment was able to be purchased including a new Xray, microscope and a number of other essential pieces of medical equipment that ensure our hospital has the most current and effective medical technology at their disposal. This year beyond your financial support through direct donations to TMHF and support of both a very successful golf tournament and virtual gala, the first of its kind in the Quinte area, your ongoing passion and dedication to QHC-TMH including direct outreach to our hospital staff through donation of food items, banners, parades and other initiatives to tell our medical staff that their efforts is so truly appreciated and essential to the well-being of our community.

For all of your passion and support of all aspects of community life in the Quinte West Brighton catchment area on behalf of the Board of Directors and Staff of the Trenton Memorial Hospital Foundation I express our deepest appreciation for all your efforts and love of community.

As I complete my term as Chair of the Board of TMHF and complete my 10 year involvement with TMHF, I must say it has truly been such an honour to work with the incredible staff of TMHF and my board and committee peers during this period. We have collectively faced many challenges in meeting the health care needs of our community and that will always continue. At the core of the ability to continue to meet our everchanging, emerging and growing health care needs will continue to be the committed local population who wants to ensure that QHC-TMH is a robust hospital with the most current medical equipment and incredible medical professionals to continue to provide exceptional health care to all of us.

Whether through the 22,000 member strong Our TMH, the incredible support of our donors, sponsors and community partners and the many of you who have shown your support of our hospital and staff during the past 15+ months through cookies, banners, sandwiches, parades etc., it has truly been remarkable to see the level of support our hospital and staff have received from our community. I believe as long as the passion for our hospital does not waver, we will always have a very viable and essential hospital here in Quinte West/Brighton.

To my fellow board members, the auxiliary, our volunteers and our partners at Quinte Health Care, thank you for all that you do throughout the year in support of our hospital and our Foundation staff. You too are Shining Stars of health care in our community, and you are truly making a difference in the lives of everyone who needs our hospital, and it has never been more evident that in the past 15+ months.

Thank you to all of you for your ongoing passion for Trenton Memorial Hospital and the Trenton Memorial Hospital Foundation, it truly has been a joy to be involved in this organization and see that passion allow our hospital to grow and thrive.


Darrell Smith


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