Chair Report


Well, we’ve survived another year of Covid and trying to weather the proverbial storm with our community working hard to understand the vast changes in healthcare and the significant impact these changes are having on our local hospitals. Together we have learned so much about the importance to have a strong, well-equipped hospital to be ready to withstand whatever may come our way and meet any escalating needs.

The Government does not fund medical equipment, but we are very fortunate to have donors within our community who have consistently provided the necessary financial support, regardless of the environmental climate, to ensure that our doctors and nurses are sufficiently equipped to provide care of the highest standard. This coming year will be no different as we will continue to rely heavily on the generosity of our community to meet the growing demands facing us; such as a $1.8 commitment to replace outdated medical equipment and provide equipment to meet the new high standards of care; to fund our share of the new hospital clinical transformation system and hopefully an expanded in-patient unit and emergency department, pending government approvals.

As the Chair of the Foundation, I can’t tell you how extremely proud I am of our accomplishments and strong fiscal management in order to achieve this success. We have great staff with Lynn Thibedeau, Wendy Warner, Paula Mason who have been with us a combined 38 years and this year we have added a new position with Operations and Community Impact Specialist – Lindsay Dodds, a great complement to our team. Joining us tonight is also Donna Tunstead who will be training with Lynn for the balance of the year until her retirement, when she will assume a part time role in the office.

Our Fundraising efforts have contributed significantly to QHC -TMH, which our Treasurer will allude to in a bit.

We continue to have success with our Docs by the Bay Physician Recruitment and Retention Program, in fact last year:

  • 2 new physicians were successfully recruited: Dr. Bremner and Dr. Evans assumed the Trenton practice of Dr. Shirriff in Trenton and Dr. MacIntyre in Brighton last fall.
  • Dr. Spreadbury, our first recruit in 2018 Began his family practice here this winter
  • We hosted 38 (up from 31 last year) medical students/medical residents for their learning rotations in Quinte West and Brighton. Note: 3 of the medical students this year, had previously spent their 1st year “Community Week” placement with us in 2018 and 2019. They enjoyed their week here so much that they decided to return for a learning rotation.
  • And, we continue to work with our prospects and current physicians for both retention and retirement plans.

Since our inception in 1983, our Foundation, with thanks to our donors has contributed over $29 million to Quinte Healthcare – Trenton Hospital, that’s over $1 million per year to enhance health care in our community. In a review conducted by Goldie BNP it was determined that our Foundation has a better than average return rate on our direct mail when compared to other hospitals and charities, as well as. We also have an average gift rate double the average of some larger hospitals in eastern Ontario, demonstrating the strong loyalist of our donors.

I am sad to say that this is my final year with the foundation, now that I have fulfilled my 9-year commitment. It has been a rewarding experience that I hope to continue to contribute to for many years to come. To know that my gifts have saved the lives of my family, friends and community members, is a heartwarming feeling, one you only experience as a donor.

Unfortunately, joining me in exiting the Foundation are fellow volunteers Gerald Draaistra who has completed his 9-year term and Major James Baltus from CFB Health Services who is being transferred out west. Both members have contributed significantly for several years and will be missed greatly. We will expand on them later in our agenda.

Ultimately Volunteers are the heart of our organization, and we would like to acknowledge all our Directors, Volunteers, Event and Committee Volunteers, Hospital Staff campaign volunteers and of course our TMH Auxiliary. Without these people, our staff of 3 fundraisers, could not do what they do for our hospital.

Thank you to our Hospital staff or their efforts throughout the year, that make our job “asking” much easier. Thank you to the City of Quinte West, who pledged $1 million this year to enable us to provide state of the art equipment for patient care, and to everyone else for being our partner and making a difference in our community! You make Trenton Hospital what it is today, a vibrant healthcare facility.


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