2018 Christmas Letter

Why Care for Tomorrow?

QUINTE WEST November 12, 2018: In speaking to one of the patients at the Trenton Memorial Hospital, Lorraine Schernitzki, she told us why the Care for Tomorrow campaign raising funds for a new CT Scanner at the TMH Foundation is so important. She said “I wouldn’t have a tomorrow if the staff at TMH didn’t have the equipment to react quickly to a diagnosis given me – that ultimately saved my life.” What Lorraine was referring to was a stoke. She entered the TMH Emergency department with a very bad headache, or what she thought might be a sinus infection. Prompt action by the attending physician to send her for a CT Scan detected the cause of her pain. Thanks to the CT Scan results, the staff at TMH did what they needed to, to save her life. Lorraine says she supports the Care for Tomorrow campaign, because she now has a tomorrow, to look forward to.

The new CT Scanner at a cost of $1,018,900., will produce sharper images, will have a faster scan time, less radiation and larger opening for those feeling claustrophobic. Ultimately, it will enable our radiologists a better view of your body and determine the causes of unexplained pain in a quick painless non-invasive method. Having state-of-the-art equipment at our local hospitals, means our community has to financially support these fundraising efforts. Our hospitals can only do so much without our support. According to Dr. Emma Robinson, Chief of Diagnostic Imaging for Quinte Health Care “the CT Scanner is the workhorse of the Diagnostic Imaging department,” she values it not only as a Radiologist but also as a previous patient diagnosed with thyroid cancer by a CT Scanner. A story she recounted at the TMHF’s donor event last May.

This Christmas season, you will be receiving a letter in your mail from Lorraine asking for your support of the Care for Tomorrow campaign. Please consider a donation, whether its 5,000 or $5, every gift matters, and every gift secures a tomorrow for someone. It could be one of your family members, friends or you.

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