Kay Stafford

QUINTE/BRIGHTON REGION. January 24, 2017: Since 1997, the Kay Stafford Memorial Fund thru the Trenton Memorial Hospital Foundation has awarded over $1.5 million to local groups wanting to enhance health care in Quinte West and Brighton for the overall benefit of Trenton Memorial Hospital. These grants provide medical attention and prevention which in turn reduces the demands on our Emergency Department and other operations. Applications are now available for 2017 at tmhfoundation.com.

Kay Stafford endowed a gift of $1.2 million in her Will to the TMH Foundation She and requested the investment income be disbursed each year. The majority of it (75%) is allocated to community groups. To-date, more than 75 community groups have received grants, everything from Defibrillators to Access Vehicles and Ambulances.

While all applications that meet the criteria are considered, those of particular interest this year, are applications that seek funding for projects that provide education, diagnosis or treatment of health care conditions such as: COPD, PTSD and Diabetes.

“I’m sure she (KAY) is extremely proud of what her gift to TMHF has been able (and continues) to be ablke to accomplish.” Says Phil Panelas, Honorary Lifetime Director of the TMH Foundation.

Investment advisors are now suggesting charitable giving as a viable option to their clients. It’s a way to leave your mark on your community, but also reduce your estate taxes and ensure your loved ones get the funds you intended to leave them (before taxes). Wendy Warner, Executive Director of TMHF Says, “You can choose to leave your estate to your heirs, the government and/or a charity. Without adding a charity, your estate will pay taxes that will reduce the amount your loved ones will actually receive.” Even leaving just 1% of your estate to your favorite charity can have a tremendous impact.

Applications to the Kay Stafford Fund will be accepted until Friday March 31, 2017 at Noon. They can be sent electronically to info@tmhfoundation.com

Choosing to leave a gift in your Will for your favorite charity, brings meaning, dignity and purpose to a life well lived.
Kay Stafford lived modestly and worked as postal clerk for many years but upon her death she became “an ordinary person providing extraordinary results”.

“The Kay Stafford Fund has been very supportive to the Community through their gracious gifts to assist the local Lions Club of Trenton to acquire Vision and Hearing Screening machines to use in the local community and abroad for the youth of our community. These excellent devices have assisted the Lions Club of Trenton do Vision and Hearing Screening in our local schools, through the help of these machines we have been blessed to be able to help our senior kindergarten and grade one students in our local schools get ahead start on required further investigation through their own physicians to further assist the youngsters in the proper care for their noted concerns. The Kay Stafford Fund has also help the Lions Club of Trenton through the assistance of automatic door opener at our hall where fundraising events, like our Spaghetti Dinners. The Lions Hall is also for rentals for weddings and other events used by the local community for various events. The Kay Stafford Fund has also helped our Lions Club of Trenton through the grant for Defibrillator for the club during the use of the club for community events and rentals done at the hall for our charity fundraisers, like our Bingo’s and Christmas Eve breakfasts. The Kay Stafford Fund is a valuable avenue to the public and organizations to seek for assistance when it comes to items that will help further benefit the communities health and decrease the load on our health system, to allow these vital services to be used where they are most needed for the betterment of the community for the present and the future of the health system in our community.” Says Lion Mike Seymour.

For over 60 years the Trenton Memorial Hospital (TMH) has a legacy of saving lives by diagnosing and treating people in ill health. As a donor to TMHF, you share this belief that TMH plays a critical role in delivering excellent health care to the residents in your region, both now and in the future. Call the TMH Foundation to find out more. They have “preferred list” of volunteers who are professionals that can give you advice, free of charge. They can be reached at 613-392-2540 ext 5403.

2018 Grant Applications Are Now Closed

Click here to Download the Kay Stafford Community Grant Application 2018

Click here to DOwnload the Kay Stafford Staff Education Application 2017


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