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QUINTE WEST November 13, 2017: When Michelle Sleep’s son Jesse had a very serious accident
last spring, she learned first hand how importance having quality medical equipment and state-of-the-art
technology available for the doctors and nurses is to provide patient care. This is why Michelle says it’s so
important to support Trenton Memorial Hospital (TMH) this Christmas and throughout the year. “Any gift
you give will make a difference. My son wouldn’t be here today without the care he received at the
hospital.” Says Michelle. “The staff at Trenton Memorial Hospital are great, but they can only do so much
without the appropriate equipment they use each and every day.” Christmas letters asking for your help with
purchasing new lasers for Opthalmology will be arriving in mailboxes starting today.

“We couldn’t function in the community without them, basically, they’re just
such an important part of our daily practice, for every community
ophthalmologist, the bulk of their practice is cataract and glaucoma and macular
degeneration, so these lasers play a big role in what we do.” said Dr. Lachapelle

It was a surprise to Michelle and her family to learn that the community (Foundation) provides the funds for
medical equipment. Since that time she says she has realized too just how often her family relies upon the
services at Trenton Memorial Hospital, even when least expected.

This holiday season, the TMH Foundation will be asking you to support the purchase of new lasers
for the Ophthalmology department. The YAG laser is required to help patients with a number of
issues, including people who need the back of the lens implant cleaned off after cataract surgery as
well as a procedure to help lower the pressure when someone has glaucoma. The Pascal laser is
very technically advanced, allowing tears in the retina to be treated, or detached retinas. In some
cases, without these laser treatments those with diabetes and over the age of 60, it can lead to
blindness, resulting in a loss of independence, quality of life and ability to do many things we now
take for granted. These two lasers will cost $224,476. Like a bed was for Jesse, the Ophthalmology
pieces are critical to those with a loss of vision.

Please give to the Trenton Memorial Hospital Foundation’s “Lights of Hope” campaign and show your
gratitude to the hospital staff and our community for making sure that our hospital is where when we need it
to be. A light will hang on a tree in the ER/OR waiting area, where it will symbolize all the hope and good in
the world, and serve as a reminder, in Christmas tradition, to provide light to others.

To donate go to or contact the TMH Foundation office at 613-392-2540 ext 5401.

For more information please contact:
Wendy Warner, CFRE Executive Director 613-392-2540 ext 5403 or

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