Equipment Wishlist 2017 / 2018

Department Description Justification QTY Unit Price
Emergency Bladder scanner to prevent unnecessary catheterization 1 15,345
Emergency Stretchers Need replacing to add weigh scales 3 6,113
 Emergency  Vital sign machines Needed for testing 4 Primary vital signs: oxygen level, (respiratory rate), temperature, blood pressure, pulse (heart rate) 6 4,672
Inpatient Unit vein finder used to locate difficult veins for IV access and lab collets 1 8,151
Inpatient unit Hospital Beds Need replacing – new technology: 4 Acute Care, 4 Complex Care 4 20,378
Diagnostic Imaging Ultrasound Table  The hydraulics controls not working 1 10,189
Diagnostic Imaging Ultrasound Machine Existing units 8 yr. old. Imaging quality is diminishing,parts hard to find. 1 168,119
Diagnostic Imaging CT Scanner **** Will be purchased in 2018/19 The CT scanner is 11 years old and the computer parts are no longer available (due to outdated technology). Failure to replace will result in increased unplanned down times resulting in increased patient wait times. Response time for TMH ER will be affected as patients will need to be transferred to BGH.  A new system will reduce the patient radiation dose by 30% – 50% thereby increasing patient safety. 157930 for Renovations + $1018900 for CT 1 1,176,830
Clinics – Ophthalmology Pascal Laser Essential for retinal tears or detachment. replacement parts are no longer available. 1 133,476
Clinics – Ophthalmology YAG/SLT laser Treats glaucoma and clouding of capsule often after cataract surgery. 1 91,000
OR – Ophthalmology Ophthalmology tray upgrades Ophthalmology trays are in need of upgrades to ensure we have sufficient in inventory to accommodate cataract surgeries 4 6,113
OR – General HAL/RAR Hemorrhoid system The use of the HAL/RAR system is significant to developing new technologies for patients with symptomatic hemorrhoids. Near painless technique with benefits of no bleeding, no infection and ability to be repeated. Will put at on the leading edge of providing this care to our patients at a lower cost than our current stapled anoplasty, which can cause significant pain after the procedure 1 19,359
OR – General Laparoscopic upgrades to HD Require new HD screen resolution for monitors and scopes for patient safety. 2 101,890
OR – Orthopedics Assist Arm A position device for Shoulder surgery 1 12,736
OR – Orthopedics arthroscopy/ ACL instrument trays Need inventory to accommodate a full ortho list with ACLs and scopes 3 6,113
OR – Orthopedics ACL tunnel dilator tray We currently have not enough instruments to perform 2 ACL procedures 1 9,170
OR – Orthopedics Spectrum Tissue Repair tray We do not have sufficient instruments for shoulder surgeries 1 12,227
OR – Orthopedics arthroscopes No sufficient inventory for multiple arthroscopies resulting in insufficient inventory levels. 3 3,974
OR – Orthopedics Master shoulder tray We do not have sufficient instruments for shoulder surgeries TMH 1 10,189
OR – Orthopedics ACL graft board tray This equipment is required for orthopaedic surgery,  we do not have sufficient instruments to do multiple ACLs. 1 10,189
OR – Orthopedics ACL hamstring tray This equipment is required for ACL orthopaedic surgery and we do not have enough instruments to do multiple ACLs at TMH 1 16,812
OR – Orthopedics Battery power sets This type of power is required for orthoparedic cases, especially hand and foot surgery. 3 15,284
OR – Orthopedics Foot, Ankle Trays etc New equipment needed to accommodate the new Orthopedic surgeon specializing in foot and ankle surgery, trauma and ambulatory 1 70,000
OR – Urology   Fiber optic ureteroscopes Ureteroscoe repairs are historically very expensive, and the purchase of these 5 will give TMH amore comfortable inventory to allow for continued high volume Urology cases in the OR 5 10,189
OR – Urology Urology telescopes Need to ensure sufficient instruments are available to continue a high volume urology service at TMH ( e days/week) 5 6,317
OR – Urology Bladder tumour trays We do not have sufficient equipment to perform multiple bladder tumour procedures & lack of equipment results in higher wait times. Region is seeing an increasing number of bladder tumours and need to be able to provide an essential service in a timely manner 5 6,113
Clinics – Urology cysto instrument upgrade We do not have sufficient specialized instruments ( graspers etc) for the volume of cases we are doing in the cysto clinic. Increasing 6%/yr 1 7,132
OR – Ear*Nose*Throat Septoplasty trays additional sets required to ensure smooth OR activity and to reduce the demand for immediate sterilization of used trays. 3 3,566
OR – Ear*Nose*Throat Tonsil and adenoid trays additional sets required to be able to accommodate a full list of ENT procedures. 3 2,547
OR – Dental Dental implant kits These kits represent new technology to replace dental implants in order to reconstruct the dentition of those who have been affected by cancer or trauma. These kits will ensure that the dental department continues to have the best opportunity for successful rehabilitation of patients who have been affected with debilitating dental disease. 3 4,076
Clinics – Gynecology Colposcopy trays ( includ forceps) With new recruitment we have increased activity in the colposcopy clinic and require additional basic instruments to accommodate the activity. 3 3,057
Clinics Gynecology Hysteroscopes We do not have sufficient inventory for a full Gyne list at the MS clinic and are frequently borrowing scopes. 2 6,623
Reprocessing Cart Washer Required for washing A-lines for surgical cases, shelving units, rigid containers, larger surgical trays, totes. 1 306,085
CSR Auto Scrubber Stand Up Floor Cleaner – for housekeeping 25,000


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